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Who are my paternal ancestors?

Looking up your fathers side of the family tree.  We will look up all the relevant documentation to find out about your fathers family. 

Who are my maternal ancestors?

Looking up your mothers side of the family tree.  Just like with your paternal side of the tree, we will look up all the relevant documentation to find out all about your mothers family. 

Where did my great great grandfather come from?

People move around! You may know that your grandfather came from Ireland and ended up in New York, but where in Ireland did he come from?  We check all the available records to narrow things down as best we can.

When did my family emigrate?

Every story is unique and often more interesting than you think.  

What was the occupation of my great grandfather?

Some records are more complete than others.  We have years of experience reading between the lines to find out the information that isn’t initially obvious.  

Do my family have famous ancestors?

Only one way to find out! Give us a call and we will find out for you.

Happy Customers

“Cliff provided me with the answers to some questions in our family tree which have been puzzling me for some time.  He collected information from Ireland, Northern Ireland and England and showed me how circumstances affected my family in years past.”  Mary O’Brien

“Cliff came up with some fascinating facts about our family going back to 1718.  He showed me how the family had come from Scotland and spread to various parts of Ireland with one branch becoming extinct altogether.” Alan Kelly